Chavurah Masarti

Lynchburg, VA                  Founded on 2 Cheshvan, 5766 

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5774-5775 (Chavurah Shalem includes Kabbalat Shabbat followed by dinner.  Chavurah Chetzi includes only a kiddush or oneg)

January 24: 7:30pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Mishpatim

February 14: 6:00 Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Ki Tisa

February 16: 10:30am Torah Study

February 28: 6:00pm Chavurah Shalem Parashat Pekudei

March 15: 6:30pm Purim Celebration and Dinner

March 23: 10:30am Torah Study

March 28: 7:30 Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Tazria

April 6: 10:30am Torah Study

April 11: 7:30pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Achrei Mot

April 19: 6:00pm Hillel Seder

April 27: 10:30am Yom Hashoah and Lunch

May 9: TBD Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Behar

May 11: 10:am Torah Study

May 23: 6:30 Chavurah Shalem Parashat Bamidbar

June 14: 10:00am Chavurah Torah Service and Lunch Parashat Sh'lach

June 27: 7:00pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Chukat

July 11: 7:30pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Pinchas

August 8: 7:00pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Vaetchanan

August 22: 7:30pm Chavurah Chetzit Parashat Re'eh

September 12: 6:30pm Chavurah Shalem Parashat Ki Tavo

September 24: 6:00pm Erev Rosh Hashanah and Dinner

September 25: 10:30am Rosh Hashanah and Lunch

October 3: 6:00pm Dinner and Kol Nidre

October 4: 10:30am Yom Kippur, 4:30pm Study/Yizkor/Concluding/Breaking of the Fast

October 5: 10:30am Building of the Sukkah

October 11: 6:00pm Dinner in the Sukkah

October 17: 6:30pm Simchat Torah and Dinner

October 19: 10:30am Torah Study

November 1: 9:30am Chavurah Torah Service Parashat Lech-Lecha

November 14: 7:30pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Chayei Sara

November 16: 10:30am Torah Study, 12:00pm Trail Mantenance

December 5: 6:00pm Chavurah Chetzi Parashat Vayishlach

December 7: 10:30am Chavurah Business Meeting

December 8: TBD Kid's Haven Dinner

December 14: 10:30am Torah Study

December 19: 6:30pm Chavurah Chanukah Celebration and Dinner

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