Chavurah Masarti

Lynchburg, VA                  Founded on 2 Cheshvan, 5766 

Kabbalat Shabbat
Leader's Guide

This guide is meant only as a suggested format for our standard Friday evening service.  The leader is always welcome to make changes to the service as he or she sees fit or to select additional English readings as desired.  Please note that transliterations for all Hebrew prayers can be found here.

  1. We begin with the lighting of the Shabbat Candles.
  2. Sing Shalom Aleichem on page 358 or Ya Ribon on page 359 (or substitute another opening song).
  3. Sing Yedid Nefesh on page 3.
  4. Optionally include an English reading on pages 5-10.
  5. Sing L’cha Dodi starting on page 11.  Sing the first two verses on page 11 and then skip to the final verse on page 12 (rising to face the door).
  6. Rise for the Barchu, led responsively by the Chazzan on page 15.  Be seated.
  7. Continue with the Ma-ariv Aravim either in Hebrew or English on page 15.
  8. Continue with the singing of Ahavat Olam in Hebrew on page 15.
  9. Sing the Shema together on the top of page 16 and continue with the chanting of the first paragraph of the V’ahavta on page 16.  Skip to the last four lines of chanting on page 17 (L’ma-an Tizcru…).
  10. Read responsively from the top to the middle of page 18 in the English and then sing the Hebrew Mi Chamocha in the middle of page 18.
  11. Sing Hashkivenu on page 19, first few lines.
  12. Sing V’shamru on the top of page 20.
  13. Chazzan leads Chatzi Kaddish on page 20.
  14. Rise for the Amida beginning on page 21.  We chant the first three prayers together and then continue silently through page 25, sitting down when finished.  The Avot includes the Emahot and is found on an insert, the Gevurot is on pp. 21-22 and the Kedushah is on p. 22.
  15. Sing Oseh Shalom together on page 25.
  16. Add a Torah Service here if desired.  Add a D’var Torah or short discussion here if desired.  Add a Mishaberach here if desired.
  17. Sing the Kiddush together on page 28 and share wine. (Alternatively, hold the Kiddush until after the service when we do the Motzi)
  18. Rise for the Aleynu and sing together on page 37.
  19. Ask for yarzheits and remain standing as a group for the Mourner’s Kaddish on page 39 (optional- first read one of the meditations to the Kaddish on p.38).
  20. Sing Adon Olam on page 41 or Ein Keloheinu on page 157 (or substitute another closing song).
  21. After the service we say Motzi together and then it’s time to eat.  B’tay Avon!

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