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Lynchburg, VA                  Founded on 2 Cheshvan, 5766 

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As you all know, we have secured our own Torah and we are in the process of our own "Hiddur Mitzvoth" effort!  For those unfamiliar with the term, "hiddur mitzvah" refers to the commandment that we surround the engagement in mitzvoth with an artistic embellishment.  We are commanded not only to engage in the reading of Torah, for instance, but to take such delight in the mitzvah of Torah that we visually beautify our ritual.  For this reason, Torah scrolls are adorned with decorative mantels and silver rimonim.  We recently received our new Torah cover, pictured here, and it is beautiful!  We also finished building an ark for our Torah, and we dedicated our new aron ha-kodesh on Rosh Hashanah. Check out this link to see a history of the project.

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  Chavurah Masarti engages in a number of Tzedakah and Community Service Projects including:

Support of the Rivermont Area Emergency Food Pantry

Volunteering at Gateways

Annual dinner preparation and serving at Kid's Haven

Riverside Park Trail Maintenance

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